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What Makes an Arkeras Gown Special

There’s so much that makes an Arkeras gown distinctive. Because we believe that the feeling of an open-back gown matters just as much as the way it functions. And we know that the moments when you’re wearing one are moments when the details truly matter—times when you might need a little extra gentleness and care.

So, we started with durable, easy-to-launder fabrics that are soft, luxurious, and feel good against the skin. Silk, linen, cotton, and modal in colors and weights you’d want to reach for every day—not just during a medical visit or hospital stay.

Then, we designed a robe that moves in all the ways you want easy-access clothing to move. Like traditional hospital patient gowns, an Arkeras gown offers easy body access. But unlike a traditional gown, ours is thoughtfully designed with fuller back coverage and a flattering fit, no matter how you need to lie, stand, or sit. An Arkeras gown also offers two zippers at the chest, and wide accommodating dolman sleeves—at the ready for chest port–access or IVs. We wanted to design a gown that could support you as much as possible—no matter what the procedure or test—a gown that could be there in challenging moments and help you feel your best.

Then, we thought about the kinds of features that offer each wearer modesty and dignity. Features like a specialized foot pocket to help keep the robe in place while the wearer is being bathed, and a built-in scarf for warmth, extra coverage, and an element of personal style. Because the most comfortable robe is one that flows through the day with you and helps you feel a little more covered, a little more held, a little more fully like yourself.

Arkeras is truly a beautifully soft hospital gown for all bodies, all reasons, and all seasons. It’s an ideal garment for stroke patients, for people with limited mobility, people with disabilities, or those who need wheelchair-adaptive clothing. It’s thoughtfully made for cancer patients, or for anyone undergoing post-operative care or chemotherapy. It’s perfect for labor and delivery, with features that make it optimal for postpartum care and easy breastfeeding. Whether it’s worn in a hospital setting, a long-term care facility, a birthing center, or at home, each gown is designed to be functional and comforting no matter what the wearer is experiencing, and no matter what the day holds.

Lastly, we thought about the way each garment should be made. Every Arkeras gown is hand-sewn in the United States in small batches, by skilled workers who earn a living wage. Our fabrics are a mix of organic and Oeko-Tex® certified materials, and each garment ships in 100% recycled packaging, with an emphasis on minimizing plastics whenever possible. As part of the slow fashion movement, Arkeras believes in creating garments that are high-quality, long-lasting, and as gentle as possible on the earth—garments that manage to put both the wearer and the planet first.

Whether you’re selecting an Arkeras gown for yourself, or for someone you love, it’s an honor to be with you for the journey.

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