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Our Thoughts on Aging Gracefully

We live in a culture that doesn’t always value the beauty and perspective in aging. We’re constantly encountering messages that encourage us to look, feel, or act younger than we are. But when we turn the volume down on those outside voices and root deeper into ourselves and what we know to be true, it becomes clear that aging is a gift. And that the very process itself is filled with so much power, and wisdom, and value.

Here at Arkeras, when we think of “aging gracefully,” so much of what we mean is acknowledgement, celebration, and gratitude for the gift of what is: a face, body, spirit, and mind that bear the traces of a life well-lived. Today, we want to share with you a few of our thoughts and perspectives on settling into a deeper relationship with your own process of aging.

Remember that aging holds opportunity

The very fact of aging means that life is offering you more—more years, more months, more days, more chilly mornings and sunny afternoons, more impulse supermarket bouquets, more impromptu dancing in the kitchen, more phone calls with old friends, more old friends. What items would appear on your list of the things that the gift of more living offers? How will you enjoy them?

Reframe your own critical voice

Remember that so many of our culture’s messages on aging come from companies that want to profit on our insecurities. If our perspective on aging is learned, it can be unlearned too. It’s possible to reframe your thoughts on aging into appreciation—thank you to the hands that have held so much beauty and done so much work. Thank you to the face that has loved and greeted so many people. Where in your own body can you see where the length of your life has only brought more beauty? In what ways would you like to speak to yourself differently?

Recognize how far you’ve come

One of the biggest gifts of aging is the benefit of life experience and deepened perspective. We get better at standing up for ourselves, or following our intuition, or changing our minds, or speaking our truth. We learn from our own mistakes, and the life that we live starts to look more and more authentic. Our own unique spirit begins to shine through. What skills have you mastered that would surprise a younger version of you? What do you owe yourself credit for? How can you appreciate the things you do now that you couldn’t do before?

Take exceptional care of you

Use the wisdom of your years to treat yourself with real reverence. Focus on healthy living and habits that benefit your energy level and immunity. Eat the foods that you know are most nourishing for you such as foods that contain antioxidants that help slow down premature aging. Drink lots of water. Offer yourself gentleness and rest. Connect with the people and activities that speak directly to your soul. Give yourself the very same kind of deep, tailored care you would give to anyone you love. Because you deserve nothing less.

The way we see it, aging gracefully is just the process of continuing to become more deeply, truly, and wholly yourself—more and more fully the person you were born to be.

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