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Our Story

At Arkeras we believe everyone has a story. Ours begins with Eleanor. A woman born into an immigrant family whereby clothing established a way for her to fit in, to tap into a sense of belonging, and ultimately to feel like herself.
At the end of her life, when she could no longer speak, her eyes pleaded
for those things that had given her comfort and dignity throughout her life.

Arkeras was borne of this unmet need.

We believe in...

Sorrow Inspiring Beauty

Grieving her grandmother, our founder meditated on Eleanor’s primal desire to express her truth. Surrounding herself in nature among natural materials inspired a garment—
one that could meet the special needs of a patient while fulfilling the call for self-expression.

We believe in...

People Making the Difference

Led by the bedrock belief that we are stronger together,
our founder knew that her idea for a thoughtfully designed hospital gown needed others to bring it to fruition. It is through her collaborations that the Arkeras
gown is a reality, ready to nurture a journey with empathy.

We believe in...

Rising to the Occasion

With necessity the mother of invention, a hole in the marketplace revealed itself.
The cure: a high-end gown to help embolden a sense of self during a
hospital stay. And to puzzle piece together its production to
be in harmonious balance with the
needs of this earth.

We believe in...

Healing for a Stronger Truth

Our care is a choice to make life’s milestone moments
better, at any stage, at any age. To bring calm and peace whenever it is needed.
To offer grace during difficult times. To offer beauty all of the time.

We believe in...

Principled Passions

Our story drives us. Our passion is to support yours. To kindle textured connections of empathy. To connect to each other through lasting moments.
To honor our true selves. And that passion is equal to our defined principles.

Although the Arkeras gown was
inspired by Eleanor, it is

Meant for All.

We believe in...

Weaving Textured Moments

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