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  • What Makes an Arkeras Gown Special

    Arkeras hospital gowns are distinctive starting with their easy-care fabrics that are soft, natural, and washable. They offer easy access, full back coverage, and a flattering fit. With zippers at the chest, wide sleeves for breathability, and a foot pocket to keep the robe in place, it’s an ideal garment for stroke patients, for people with limited mobility or disabilities, and for those who need wheelchair-adaptive clothing.
  • Healing through Nature the Arkeras Way

    It’s clear that connecting to nature is connected to well-being, and that we can go into every natural encounter with that sense of purpose in mind. But how do we get started? Where do we begin? We’ve put together some simple but impactful ways to incorporate the healing, grounding, and restorative power of nature into your days. 

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