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  • Our Thoughts on Grief and Grieving

    Grief. It isn’t something our culture talks much about; it isn’t something our culture tends to be comfortable with. When others are grieving, we might feel uncertain—wanting to help, but not clear on how to support them in the ways that they might need. And when we ourselves are grieving, we tend not to share what’s happening—afraid that telling others about what’s on our hearts will somehow be a burden to them.
  • Ways to Boost Energy and Immunity

    As our part of the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, we find ourselves in territory that’s both uncertain and new. If you’re currently living with a challenging diagnosis, recovering from surgery, or weathering a life transition, you may be thinking extra carefully about how you can boost your energy and continue to support your body’s natural immunity.
  • Healing through Nature the Arkeras Way

    It’s clear that connecting to nature is connected to well-being, and that we can go into every natural encounter with that sense of purpose in mind. But how do we get started? Where do we begin? We’ve put together some simple but impactful ways to incorporate the healing, grounding, and restorative power of nature into your days. 

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