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Humanize each moment with Arkeras
hospital gowns. Suitable for anybody
in any setting or stage of life.
The universally just-right gift.

Elevate Your Experience

Face any procedure or diagnosis feeling
like a person, not a patient. We are
leading the way, in adaptable hospital
clothing, to support you, a loved one,
and any one of the 72% of
people who report feeling exposed
or self-conscious in a traditional
hospital gown.

Light years ahead of what’s in the
marketplace, any one of our three gown
silhouettes—The Classic, The Wrap,
The Henley—will elevate your wellness
journey no matter your care need or
sense of style. Because what you wear
makes a difference—to your mind and body!

For Any Setting.
For Any Circumstance.

Supporting Your Needs

All of our gowns are soft and washable, designed with features whose benefits
multiply exponentially based on a wearer’s need and personality.

Effortless Access

At-the-ready designer details
provide access for port holes
and exams, so you can
keep your robe on!

The Classic silhouette features symmetrical dual chest openings designed for ease of access and comfort with no scratchy zippers.

The Henley’s cozy t-shirt styling includes a chest-accessible placket of non-metal snaps that won’t interfere with pacemakers.

Stylish Comfort

The Classic’s little something extra: call it a scarf or an ascot,
it delivers next-level warmth and stylish layering.

Cover Your Assets...

...with our signature feature: generous back panels
that provide open-back access and full coverage.
Stay-put styling supports standing, using a walker,
or sitting in a wheelchair.

Holding Steady

Like a gait belt, an Arkeras hospital gown addresses
the vulnerability of the patient as well as the caretaker.
Both act as tools to support, stabilize, and share the
weight during times of transition. And, as made
visible here, the two are better together.

Bulk Quantities

We can support large-quantity orders
for your clinic or spa. Contact us.

Artisanal Quality

Handmade domestically in the
United States and Canada.

Intentional Fabrics

Linen. Modal. Cotton. Silk. Naturally soothing, sustainably sourced,
and washable. Not all styles come in all fabrics, but trust that we’ve
considered the best fabrication options for each silhouette.
Silk gowns are custom—a journey that takes about 12 to 16 weeks.
To start your silk gown order today, contact us here.

Soothing Colors

Feel like a person, not a patient wearing flattering colors that
give you voice and choice in how you express yourself.

Fashionable Fit

A stunning 67% of people report
that a standard hospital gown does not fit
their body. With size inclusivity in mind,
we’ve fashioned gowns that flow and
drape across a spectrum of body types.
Available in easy-fit size ranges.

*Cogan, Nicola, et al. “Exploring the Effect of the Hospital Gown on Wellbeing: A Mixed Methods Study.” The Lancet, vol. 394, Nov. 2019, p. S32.,

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